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Since this amazing discovery was revealed on daytime tv, tons of companies are popping up and trying to cash in. So how do you know which of these products you can trust? It is imperative that you get Raspberry Ketones that are not synthetic. It takes a lot of raspberries to make ketones, so natural Raspberry Ketones are very expensive to produce. Unfortunately, this why most Raspberry Ketone products are cheap, synthetic copies that have very little chance of working. So how can you spot the them? It's simple. They are cheap to make and are sold very cheap. Sometimes as little as $20 or less. Don't be tricked. To get the amazing effects of real Raspberry Ketones, rely on RK Burn Plus for Ketones that are 100% natural.
Raspberries contain amazing compounds called ketones. These ketones are what give raspberries their unique, rich aroma. Recent discoveries reveal that raspberry ketones offer more than just a pleasing aroma; much, much more. It turns out that raspberry ketones (RK) may attack the problem of excess body fat accumulation on several fronts.
RK Burn Plus Harnesses The Weight-Loss Effects.

We have literally tapped into the secrets of how your body stores, or eliminates fat! Through powerful new ingredient technologies, we can help “coax” fat out of cells and transport it into the body’s energy “furnaces” for incineration as fuel. Your fat cells may not “want” to store fats like they did before. We’re talking about actually influencing how your body deals with fat; slow fat storage, accelerate fat burning.

It’s RK Burn Plus, a potent fat-incinerating product that works on multiple fronts. RK Burn Plus features a harmonious blend of raspberry ketones, the amino acid L-Carnitine, and a thorough dose of Vitamin C. RK Burn Plus is a precision formulation designed to: Slow the fat-storage process, Release fats from fat cells, Transport fats into the body’s “energy furnaces” for fuel, Help shrink fat cells.

First, RK Burn Plus helps to increase an important fat-regulating hormone called adiponectin. Levels of adiponectin are directly correlated to body fat composition. When adiponectin levels increase, body fat composition tends to decrease. Therefore, these raspberry ketones may actually help inhibit fat storage. Second, RK is believed to help trigger fat cells to release their stores of fat (stimulates fat loss). Third, RK is believed to promote increased fat burning.

L-Carnitine is an amino acid that fulfills an incredibly important role; fat “transportation.” Remember when we talked about “transporting fats into the ‘energy furnaces’?” We were referring to L-Carnitine. The “energy furnaces” are the mitochondria of cells. You see, once fats are released from fat cells, they must still be “escorted” into the mitochondria of muscle cells. L-Carnitine is the “escort” that drives fats into the mitochondria. Once inside the mitochondria, fats incinerated into history as they are burned for energy-yielding fuel.

So, what does Vitamin C have to do with all of this? In the body, Vitamin C is an essential co-factor to L-Carnitine production. In really simple terms, Vitamin C helps to get the L-Carnitine “production line” moving along - at increased capacity. Essentially, Vitamin C functions as an L-Carnitine production “turbocharger.” The benefit is revealed in optimal levels of fat-transporting L-Carnitine availability.